Make My Donation is a Level 2 Service Provider and follows Payment Card Industry (PCI) data security standards. We have partnered with Stripe®, a worldwide leader in merchant card processing, to securely process donations. Make My Donation is 100% PCI-compliant and does not store any credit card information. You should feel confident in the knowledge that your donations will be securely and successfully processed through our website.

A donor made a contribution to Make My Donation’s donor-advised fund and selected your organization as a grant recipient. Your first step is to claim your charity.

Claiming your charity gives you the opportunity to update information on your charity and to view and download detailed reports on donors and donations processed through Make My Donation.

Visit the following link for detailed information,

Claim A Charity - Informational Page -

If you have other questions or for further information, e-mail Make My Donation at [email protected].

Yes, if you itemize deductions on your federal personal tax return. However, certain provisions in the tax code can limit the amount of your deduction. You should consult your tax advisor regarding the deductibility of your donation(s).

We work with to make sure all grant disbursements are issued only to eligible charitable organizations. Using the official list of IRS-approved public charities, works with US federal agencies on a daily basis to ensure the organization is qualified to receive your donation.

Your donation is processed by Make My Donation, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit US corporation operating a donor-advised fund well-positioned to be a world leader in making charitable giving part of the fabric of the human spirit. We are able to provide the support and infrastructure to securely collect, manage and distribute donations to all qualified charitable organizations based in the United States. Our search engine is powered by, a company dedicated to finding innovative ways to help donors discover, volunteer, donate and engage in charity like never before. Together, the two organizations are forging strategic partnerships with internet-based and mobile application developers and other strategic partners to bring donors and charities together through the use of cutting-edge technology.

Make My Donation’s donor-advised fund (“DAF”) is an account composed of contributions made by individual donors. Once the donor makes a contribution, the DAF has legal control over it. However, the donor exercises his/her advisory privileges by suggesting a qualified charitable organization as a recipient with respect to periodic grant disbursements made by the DAF.

Unfortunately, no. The IRS rules regarding donor-advised funds do not allow us to cancel or refund a donation once it is completed, unless there are extenuating circumstances. If you believe extenuating circumstances exist, contact [email protected]. We will consider all requests on a case-by-case basis.

There is no cost to the charitable organizations to receive the grant disbursements.

There are three areas of fees associated with your online donation. First are the debit/credit card fees paid to the processing company. These fees are set by the processing company and are not within our control. Next are the marketing fees paid to the internet and application developers for providing our service on a truly global scale. These fees vary based on the service provided. Last are the platform fees paid to our website developer to develop, maintain, update, and innovate our website. All fees are paid to third-party companies; Make My Donation does not take a fee for any of its services. Credit card processing fees, as well as partner platform fees, apply. Our average grant to charity(ies) is approximately 90% of the original donation.

When we make grant disbursements, we provide selected donor and donation information to each recipient charitable organization. In many instances, we have seen the charitable organization contact the donor directly to thank them. In any case, we provide you a record of your donations which you can use to follow-up with your charitable organization(s). is dedicated to helping charities of all shapes and sizes tell their story to the world! We believe every charity deserves the opportunity to be discovered regardless of size or financial status.

The world of charitable giving is incredibly complex for people who want to establish either some long-term support for a non-profit organization or simply make a one-time donation. unravels that complexity for you. Choosing a charity has never been simpler!

Our goal is to set the standard for providing donors the ability to search for appropriate charities using innovative techniques such as Charity Attributes®. maintains geolocation information on 2.5 million charitable organizations found in the United States, so you can just as easily support a charity located in a distant part of the nation as one found in your own neighborhood.

Yes, you could do that by mailing a check directly to your charitable organization or through its website, if available. Our search results provide a mailing address for each charitable organization. However, many donors prefer the convenience of donating online to any eligible charitable organization and many charitable organizations prefer the efficiency of donating online and the opportunities to reach more donors and more donations.

Yes. During the check-out process, enter that information in the appropriate field in the “Dedicate my donation” section.

Yes. During the check-out process, enter that information in the “Program” section.

Yes. During the check-out process, mark the appropriate box.

Make My Donation issues checks to the grant recipients. At this time, we do not make electronic funds transfers (“EFTs”), although we hope to offer this service in the future.

All public charities which have received a tax exempt determination letter from and are in good standing with the Internal Revenue Service are available on the website to receive your donation(s). All eligible organizations will have a “Donate Now” button in the search results or a “Make a Difference! Donate” button on their charity home page.